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NANA + Ai Yazawa + Community

random interesting thing!

NANA + Ai Yazawa + Community

random interesting thing!

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Robin - climbing over
I was at work today, sorting through the company's royalty free images (those are pictures that advertising agencies pay for to use in their ads) when I came across something I thought was quite interesting!

I saw this and recognized the poses immediately! Haha. It was the excitement of my work day.

Pretty nifty, huh? I just thought it was a cool glimpse to Ai Yazawa-sensei's art process ^_^
  • Wow, pretty nifty!
  • Haha, that is really neat! Do you think Yazawa's picture was based on that, or the other way round?
  • that is pretty cool!
  • Manga artists use magazine photos for character poses all the time. This is solid evidence. It's nothing new, and there's nothing wrong with it, but for people who are serious about art, tracing a photo is kind of like cheating.

    It's one reason why Norman Rockwell's works didn't have much artistic value: because he painted from photographs.
  • awesome. and there are artists who draw so realistically from a photo that its impossiable to tell the photo from the painting. Drawing from a photo is NOT cheating.
  • oi~~~ That just made my day XDDD Thanks so much for sharing!!!
  • WOW, that is real interesting! It's amazing you spotted that! You know your Nana ;P. Thanks for letting us see.
    • Haha. I know-- it's rather sad that I spotted that right away when I think about it XD
  • I don't think Ai TRACED the photo as in put a piece of paper over it on a light box, but the fact that the poses are identical kinda makes me miffed. It's one thing to take elements from photo reference, and it's completely another to take the entire composition.

    Quite honestly, this miffs me a little being an artist myself. :/
  • That's so slick!! (*w*) And I think it's so cool to see that she still works from references! I think it's quite smart to work from a reference that will make your illo look better. You can't always get someone to model for you in all the right conditions, so why not take advantage of something that can help you out?! XD

    Anyways... so cool... X3
  • wahh...thats cool o.o~~
  • that is very cool.

    heck, if i were not lazing about right now, i'd whip up my sketch book and draw that sucker. ai knows good poses when she sees them. it's all about the blasé rockstar.
  • Cool~ :O
  • are the same
  • plagiarism

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