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March 5th, 2012

Hi everyone! I run a sales journal at pikojapansales and recently listed the October 2005 issue of Cookie for sale (specific link). This has chapter 52 of NANA. Please have a look if you're interested!

Additionally, I am selling a momoko DOLL I customized many years ago to look like Osaki Nana. She's originally known as Goth Girl but looks every bit Nana now X3 She comes with everything you see in the pictures at the auction, so do have a looksee =3
cuuurious? here's the eBay auction!

Thank you for reading =) (Hope I formatted this okay, mods!)

January 9th, 2012

Hello everyone, I have noticed that the community has been a bit quiet lately but I am hoping some of you out there can be of some assistance for me please.  I have been a fan of Ms. Yazawa's work since I first read Paradise Kiss, several years ago and I am in the planning stages of a panel about her works for a local convention.  I am looking for any ideas the community may have.  I am familiar with Para Kiss and Nana but need to familiarize myself with Neighborhood Stories.  I also own the Last Quarter movie.  Myself and a couple of friends are planning on cosplaying as characters from Nana for the panel as well and we are considering doing trivia with little prizes to finish things up.

I also had a second idea of sending a card to Ms. Yazawa signed hopefully by attendees of the panel wishing her well and hoping that she is able to continue the series.  I am unsure where I would send it to.  Viz has the series here in the US but it was published in Zipper in Japan I think?  Does anyone have any ideas where I would forward it to?  

Any ideas or suggestions any of you may have will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.  ^_^

November 2nd, 2011

Secret Santa Reminder!

X-Mas Hachi
A little less than a month left to sign up for the NANA Secret Santa exchange this year!

Unless we can get at least 5 people signed up, I'm afraid to call it off. ;_; Please sign up! It'll be fun!

October 30th, 2011

(no subject)

nanami x yano
[01-05] Fruits Basket
[06-12] Hana Yori Dango
[13-18] Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
[19-26] La Corda D'Oro
[27-36] Nana
[37-41] Pandora Hearts
[42-46] Shinshi Doumei Cross
[47-52] Super Gals!
[53-57] various: Dengeki Daisy, DNAngel
[58-62] San-X, Rilakkuma
[63-83] JYJ
[84-87] Hyuna
[88-97] SNSD

[02] manga panels: Pandora Hearts

[01] psd

more HERE at dokidokifeeling

October 29th, 2011

Ending soon!

Ending in 1 hour! Selling 2 lots of NANA and Vivienne Westwood-inspired cosplay jewelry! Two lots and they're both up for $1 on ebay.

Nana Orb Necklace Lot 1
Hachi Orb Necklace Lot 2

I will be posting some authentic VW items up this weekend. Thanks for looking! :)

October 16th, 2011

Icons - 44

Jane (Book One) - fireflys_locket

NANA - 43
Neighborhood Story - 1

Click Here

October 13th, 2011

Welcome to this year's NANA Secret Santa Exchange!

I will be your host, Mippa! Yoroshiku ne~!

If you have any questions, please private message me, as I want to keep this post for just applications.


-This year the exchange is only for gifts that can be exchanged online (fanart, AMV's, icons, layouts, fanfiction, ect.) Should anyone wish to exchange physical gifts, that is beyond my control and will have to be done outside this event. Remember, it's not the gift itself, but the thought that counts.

-Please only enter this exchange if you intend to fulfill your side of the gift giving. There is nothing worse than your Secret Santa not coming through with your gift when you've worked so hard on the one you gave.

-Please remember this is a NANA centered exchange. All requests must be relevant to the fandom. Crossovers are eligible, but must include characters from the NANA-verse as the main focus.

-Please be kind to one another! No joke entries and nothing too untoward or lewd. I'm sure we've got some under-agers here and I don't want to scar any minds. (although you're on the internet so I'm sure that whatever damage that can be done has already happened XD)


-Signups begin today, and will run until December 1st at 10:00 PM CST.
-I will try to have pair ups organized and sent out by the end of the day, or the morning of the 3rd.
-If you need to pull out for any reason, please let me know, preferably before sign ups close but otherwise as early as possible.
-Gift giving will run from the 24th of December to the 30th. There will be a five day grace period after that, in which absent gifts will be accounted for and replacements sent out so no one's left out.


-The following form is to be posted here so people can later reference back to it (refer to my filled out form in the comment section below for an example)

October 12th, 2011

Nana Secret Santa?

Hachi  - Business
Is anyone interested in doing a Secret Santa again this year?

(no subject)

[20] NANA


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