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NANA + Ai Yazawa + Community

I try to find info on the status of NANA from time to time, and I…

NANA + Ai Yazawa + Community

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I try to find info on the status of NANA from time to time, and I came across this today:


The article is about 2 years old, but people continue leaving comments. It's quite interesting to read through...

I'm hoping we get to see new issues of the series later this year!
  • oh, that is interesting to read, I really hope she gets better, sure everyone is desperate to know what will happen in the story.
    But hoping she gets better soon first ^^, i'm very curious too about what kind of illness she has?.... :(
    • I wonder that, too....and it seems even the typically very unobtrusive Japanese fans seem to be wondering what's going on, too.

      I mean, if she can't draw, maybe she injured her hand? However, she has done some drawing since the hiatus was announced...It seems like no one can really put the pieces together.

      No matter what's going on, I really hope that she is able to continue soon. She has tons of loyal fans waiting...and as an artist myself, I couldn't imagine leaving an ongoing project halted...I would just have to finish it, no matter what it took!
  • I just recently started reading NANA and a friend told me that it's been on hiatus for 3 years, so now I'm a bit shocked about the whole situation. What disease is she suffering from? Besides injuring her hand, I can't think of anything that could make an artist stop drawing. I'm an artist myself, and the only thing that made me lose my will to draw was extreme depression. Which I really hope she isn't suffering from. Because it's hell.

    I hope she gets better soon -- It's too sad to think that she can't draw anymore; it seems like it's the thing she loves the most. And it'll be a pity if the manga never gets finished; it's so rare to come across a masterpiece like NANA.
  • It may not be her hand - it could be a serious eyesight issue, or weakened immune system brought on by stress (something I believe is an infamous part of the manga industry). But I hope she feels better.
  • Thanks for sharing this. I, too, check into it periodically. Hopefully one of us will find a solid status report some day, and share the news with the rest.
    • I look forward to that day! I would post on here as soon as I found anything!

      Let's hope that day is soon...very soon! Every July 7th that's passed the past couple years I've scoured for some sort of update...since it'd be appropriate :)
  • I feel bad that she has some sort of condition and wish her the best, but honestly it is becoming hard to understand the situation and be compassionate. Even if she'd have something as terrible as cancer she would either be dead by now or be better and be able to do something. How can she afford to live if she is not working? Another thing, I understand if she doesn't wants to talk about her condition, but at least give some sort of update to either hold the fans over or so they can move on in peace and don't think about the series again. It doesn't take more effort than just a few words.

    If she ever returns I hope she will do something brand new. She's been out of it for too long and people probably don't care about Nana anymore.
  • ai yazawa is my favorite mangaka, i wish she could recover from her illness. NANA is my favorite manga in the whole world, it means so much to me that, looking at my mangas at home makes me cry, 'cause i remember each volume with deep care.
    I want ai-san to be able to finish the greatest shoujo manga ever, but i can't help to feel worried about her health, is it in risk of death?! i wish she had a blog ^^
    i'll wait for NANA until the rest of my life.

    thanks for the info :)
  • I'm hoping that even if she doesn't finish it, some popular doujinka or her assistants will at least give the series an "unofficial" ending to be released at ComiKet or something..
  • Late reply, but sharing a thought

    I don't think Yazawa is dead since there is no official release info about it from the publishers. However, I have been building up a theory that maybe, AND maybe she has indeed something really serious and she really doesn't want to talk about it. There are times that mangaka are more secretive than others, and we have to respect that, though :/

    It could be stress, it could be a back or hand injury... or it would be something even more serious like losing eyesight, arthritis... even cancer is in the probabilities... we don't know exactly what.

    I just read that past April, Cookie magazine offered a NANA calendar as a gift, however due to suspicions and no confirmation about it (I mean this post was even published in June), it surely didn't have new art or something... YET the magazine was still supporting the series, even if it isn't in its publishing manga line up... with the new changes made to the magazine (now a bimonthly release, I'm waiting in the moderation queue if it gts approved to talk more about this), I THINK there could be hope that if she ever decides to return to the title or publish anything new, it would SURELY help her with her health.

    (Or like I said in another post, she would have been advancing the manga line-art as a certain special case in Weekly Shonen Jump called Togashi...)

    Edited at 2012-10-19 04:27 am (UTC)
  • its is also on www.watchdu.com :)
  • so curious as to what has happened to her! i hope she gets better, and no matter how long it takes i'll be rooting for her to get well!
    I have always loved NANA and hope to see it get completed someday, but while i wait i guess i will just re read and watch and let my imagination run wild.

    lets hope we get something soon!
  • (Anonymous)
    Please see this!


    this would be awesome ♥

    I also wanted to say thank god for you guys. you're the only forum who has actually news about ai yazawa and her manga. and it was so hard to live with no information how it goes on. thank you. xoxo ♥ xDD

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